It is with much joy & celebration that I congratulate the Madera County Sheriff’s Foundation members on their 5th year Anniversary and I commend them for their never-failing support for the Madera County Sheriff’s Office team. For without committed members the Foundation would not exist.

It all started with a meeting between then-Sheriff Jay Varney and Renaissance General owner Don Dufer sharing a desire to create a non-profit that would come alongside to support the Sheriff’s Office. On January 16, 2016, the Foundation received its IRS 501 C 3 status that would allow for tax-deductible donations.

The objective of the Foundation is to promote civic spirit in support of the MCSO team and to enhance the ability of the team to work safely & effectively.

The Foundation is focused on 4 areas of support:

  • K9 Team- providing funds for the ongoing training costs of APEX, ARCO, GASTON, NACHO & TONKA
  • Scholarships- funding for students furthering their law enforcement career at the college level and those going into the Academy
  • Training & Community Engagement- Providing funds for training, equipment, and uniforms for our volunteer teams such as the CItizen On Patrol and Search And Rescue Teams
  • Equipment-tools that will help our MCSO team work smarter & safer

In the 5 years of operation, the MCSF members have donated funds that supported over 10-$500 college scholarships and 4 Academy Cadet scholarships as well as laptops for their use while in the Academy, funding for annual K9 training, Fire Shelters for our MCSO team to be safer while working fires and air scrubbers that will provide them healthy air to breath in the command post as they work fires, Training, uniforms, and tools like shovels-rain gear- first aid kits and safety cones for our volunteers’ teams…
just to name a few items of support that we as a community have been able to encourage our MCSO team with.

Again, Congratulations &  I look forward to a great year and beyond. Madera County Proud!

Amy Varney

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