Our Objective

Who Are We?

The Madera County Sheriff’s Foundation
objectives are to promote civic spirit in support of
law enforcement and to enhance the ability of the
Madera County Sheriff’s Office to work
even more safely and effectively.

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How We Help


These scholarships will support the advancement of Madera County youth and adults in law enforcement related careers, including support for two year and four year degree programs, Law Enforcement Academy attendance, and advanced certificate and degree training that will improve public safety and law enforcement in Madera County. Funding in this area will assist with these educational pursuits.



With the decline of resources available through federal surplus, and the constant improvements in technology, it will be necessary for the Sheriff’s office to access financial support for acquisition of small and large long term assets. These would include, for example, funding for upgraded night vision equipment, improving camera connectivity to remote commercial and government sites to improve infrastructure and site safety countywide, and to secure funding for a replacement for the current SWAT vehicle. Funding in this area will support these needed upgrades. Equipment upgrades for first responder first aid readiness; Explorers, equipment for Citizens on Patrol and advanced Search and Rescue readiness may also be funded from support here.


K9 Team Support

K9 teams provide additional safety, and detection, and community engagement options for Sheriff’s Office personnel. Ongoing annual cost for medical care, continuing training, and replacement cost for equipment and the K9s themselves will be provided or augmented by the Foundation. Funding in this area will make this happen.


Training & Community Engagement

Training demands for law enforcement personnel are continuous. Promotions, new hires, technological improvements, and legal mandates create this demand for best practice implementation and compliance. Additionally, volunteers from the Explorer, Citizen on Patrol, and Search and Rescue  ranks must raise their own funding for many of the opportunities for training and improvement they participate in. Funding in this area will assist in providing this training, as well as presenting opportunities for the Sheriff’s Office to engage the community in positive ways.


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The Madera County Sheriff’s Foundation is funded by the contributions and support from our members and donors. All money contributed goes directly to the Madera County Sheriff’s Foundation’s programs and projects and operations.

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